Essential Features of Coin-Laundry Washers and Dryers

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Besides the location of a new laundromat and industry knowledge, the selection of coin-operated washers and dryers is critical to determining the business's success. Unlike in the past, there are numerous brands and models of coin-operated washers and dryers to choose from. Therefore, you must select the right devices to boost the sales of a new coin laundry business. This article highlights essential features to look for when shopping for coin-laundry washers and dryers.

Convenience Features 

The plans you have for a coin laundry business must include standing out from the competition. However, most business owners do not think about competition and buy similar coin-operated washers and dryers. Unfortunately, washers and dryers with standard features do not differentiate your services from competitors. Notably, you must shop for a coin-operated machine that makes your laundromat the go-to store for locals. For instance, Australia is a cosmopolitan and multilingual society due to its open immigration policy. Therefore, your customers will likely speak different languages. In this regard, a washer with more language options is appropriate for your coin laundry business. Thus, the feature makes it easy for foreign customers to operate a machine, for instance, controlling the temperature and sanitizing clothes after washing.


Some coin laundry owners think that the main cost of a coin laundry business is the initial cost of buying coin-operated washing machines. However, nothing could be further from the truth because utility bills, water and energy, are the main cost drivers. It is mainly the case if you use municipal water because your bills can quickly rack up. Therefore, you should only focus on water-efficient coin-operated washers and dryers to keep operational costs as low as possible. However, research widely to buy coin-operated washers that are genuinely water-efficient since the feature can be used for marketing purposes by some vendors.

Ragged Design 

Washers and dryers with a sleek design are primarily found in residential homes. The reason is that the devices are low-capacity appliances mainly used once a week and thus likely to last long. However, coin-operated washers are designed for commercial use and should be rugged enough to withstand excess usage. For instance, the hinges on a coin-operated washer must be held in place by tough, robust screws, which can withstand thousands of cycles of opening and shutting the appliance's door. Most importantly, rugged washers and dryers keep operational costs low since they are not maintenance intensive, saving your coin laundry business money.