3 Ways to Personalise a Jumper for a Male Loved One

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Whether it is for Valentine's Day, a birthday or Father's Day, it is always a kind gesture to get a loved one a present. With a tight budget and a myriad of options available, it can be challenging to make a decision, especially if you want the gift to be a surprise. If you find yourself in such a situation, you cannot go wrong with a personalised jumper. Although once reserved exclusively for a physical education class, the jumper has become a fashionable garment. Moreover, jumpers are affordable, and the fact that you can customise one makes it the perfect gift in these hard economic times. This article offers a guide on ways you can creatively personalise a jumper into a unique garment that your loved one will love and appreciate. 


Although most people prefer to print or embellish images or designs on their jumpers, those personalisation styles are now cliché. The chances are that almost anyone you know has a jumper with a printed image. Embroidery, on the other hand, is the in thing right now, thanks to its popularity in fashion show runways. What makes an embroidered jumper unique is the intricate decoration that is achieved with a needle and a yarn. The best part is that, unlike printed jumpers that fade with time after several washes, the yarns on embroidered jumpers retain their colours, regardless of the amount of washing you give the garment. It is no wonder most people keep embroidered garments as souvenirs. 

Cutting or Wearing Out

Most people believe that cutting or wearing out a jumper is no different from destroying it. However, these personalisation techniques can turn a beautiful jumper into an even trendier piece. For instance, the worn look commonly found on denim jeans is increasingly becoming popular with jumpers. It is an even easier technique to pull because all you need to do is make cuts of different sizes on various parts of the jumper. You must, however, be careful when doing this because there is no going back once you make a bad cut. The best approach is to ask for help from a local clothing store to ensure that hemming of the cuts is done professionally. 


If a male loved one loves beads, pearls or crystals on their garments, then by all means, incorporate them on the jumper you want to give as a gift. Embellishing, or 'adding bling' as it is popularly referred to in fashion circles, is another inexpensive way of personalising a jumper. For example, if your loved one likes cars, then rather than have the image of their favourite car printed on the jumper, you can embellish sparkly crystals on the image. It will give the jumper an elegant and stylish look that you cannot achieve with printing. Let the clothing store do this for you for a more professional finish.  

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