Looking for a Winter Jacket? Here Are 4 Reasons to Consider Cashmere

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You've probably heard of cashmere, but you might not know exactly what it is. Put simply, cashmere is taken from the soft fleecy underlayer of a goat's coat. In fact, cashmere is taken only from certain breeds of goats that are raised for the purpose. As temperatures drop, those goats grow denser and denser underlayers, and only the finest strands are taken to be made into cashmere products.

One of the most popular uses for cashmere is women's jackets. Any women looking to pick up a new cold-weather jacket should seriously consider cashmere. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Warm Yet Cool

Cashmere is an exceptionally versatile material that can cope well with varying temperatures. Those goats we mentioned grow soft fibres to stay warm in freezing temperatures, which is why cashmere jackets insulate against the cold so well and keep icy blasts of wind from cutting to your ribs. At the same time, cashmere is also incredibly breathable, so you won't be left hot and sweaty. You can stay warm as you walk to work and then avoid feeling hot and clammy when you arrive.

2. Light and Thin

The problem with most cold-weather clothes is that they are quite bulky – to provide plenty of insulation, they need to use thick layers of material. Cashmere is incredibly dense, so it keeps you warm without adding lots of bulk. You can move around freely without feeling bundled up, and cashmere jackets always achieve a streamlined, flattering fit thanks to its thinness. Who said you can't look elegant and feminine when temperatures start to drop?

3. Wonderfully Soft

People often choose wool over cashmere because it tends to be cheaper – unfortunately, wool can feel very itchy or scratchy against bare skin, which is also true when you're dealing with most artificial fibres. Cashmere feels silky since the density of its fibres create a smooth, soft surface. You'll find it hard to stop running your fingers over a new cashmere jacket.  

4. Timeless Style

It's impossible to ignore the fact that cashmere jackets often demand premium prices, but it is at least a premium product. It's also a product you'll be able to keep for decades. Thanks to the material's luxurious and exclusive nature, cashmere jackets never go out of style, and you can get plenty of mileage out of a cashmere garment because they go well with anything from casual wear to formal wear.