Five Things You Need to Help Your Rugby Union Hoodie Last Into Perpetuity

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You plan to support your team into perpetuity, and you need your Australian Rugby Union hoodie to last as long as possible. That requires a dedicated approach to maintenance, and the right tools can help. Here is what you need:

1. Lingerie Bag

Rugby is all about players who are too tough to need helmets or pads, but when it comes to washing your hoodie, a delicate lingerie bag can help. These soft mesh bags cradle your hoodie, and they prevent it from rubbing against abrasive items in the washing machine. They also protect the hood strings and zipper from getting caught and pulling out or breaking.

2. Lemon juice

In addition to detergent and stain remover, you also need a little container of lemon juice in your washing kit. If you wear your rugby union hoodie whilst working out, it may get sweaty. The acids in lemon juice interact with the elements of your sweat and deodorant, and they prevent yellow sweat stains from setting in the armpits of your hoodie.

3. Bucket

In addition to sweat stains, rugby hoodies are subjected to a range of other biological stains including grass, blood and even tears. To remove these stains and keep your hoodie looking as new as possible, you need a dedicated place when you can soak your hoodie as needed.

A bucket is perfect. If possible, use a metal bucket. Plastic absorbs odours, and if you soak a stinky hoodie one day, those odours may leach back into your hoodie the next time you soak it.

4. Drying table

Unfortunately, taking care of your hoodie can also add to its wear and tear. To minimise this effect, skip the dryer and invest in a drying table. These tables allow you to spread out your sweatshirt so that it keeps its shape while it is drying, and they help you avoid the potential shrinkage effect caused by some dryers.

5. Zipper replacement kit

Over time, the zippers on hoodies can start to look wavy. This happens due to minor shrinkage in the fabric. While the fabric shrinks, the metal zipper stays the same, and to compensate, it gets a bit wavy. Luckily, it's relatively easy to remove a wavy zipper and replace it with a new one. A zipper replacement kit is also great to have on hand if your zipper breaks and you want to replace it to lengthen the lifespan of your hoodie.